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How to completely uninstall Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9


This is a procedure for completely uninstalling Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9. This may be necessary due to a conflict with another application, a conflict with a previous version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, or at the recommendation of Technical Support.

Note: ScanSoft always recommends uninstalling applications through the "Add/Remove Programs" Control Panel. If this fails, follow the steps listed below.

Remover Tool:

The Dragon NaturallySpeaking remover tool can be used to completely uninstall all versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9. This tool should only be used if the “AddRemove” option in the Control Panel fails to completely remove Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9. To uninstall Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 using the remover tool, follow the steps below:
  • Click höre to download the remover tool.
  • Save the “DNS95remover.exe” file the Windows desktop.
  • Back up user profiles (if any)
  • Double click on “DNS95Remover.exe”.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After the Remover Tool completes, restart the computer.
Note: This remover was updated to remove 9.5, 9.1 and 9.0.

Manual Uninstall:

IMPORTANT: This article contains information about editing the registry. Before you edit the registry, make sure you understand how to restore it if a problem occurs. Follow the steps below to back up the registry:
  • Open the Registry Editor by clicking "Start > Run". Type in "regedit" without the quotes and click “OK”.
  • Export a backup copy of your Registry in case problems occur during the following procedures by going to:
    • Windows 2000: Registry menu > Export registry file.
    • Windows XP/Vista: File > Export Registry File.
  • Save this file to the Windows Desktop and name the file "backup". (Keep "backup" for a few days and if all is well, this file can be deleted.)

Please follow these steps to manually uninstall Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9:
  • Open Windows Explorer and delete the temp files from the following folders.
    • Some of these folders may be hidden. To view hidden files and folders please follow these steps.
    • Open Windows Explorer.
    • Click "Tools > Folder Options..." or "View > Folder Options..." depending on your Windows version.
    • Select the "View" tab and select "Show Hidden Files and Folders" from the list.
    • Click "OK" to save the changes.
    • Empty the contents of: C:|Windows|Temp (Windows XP and Windows Vista)
    • Empty the contents of: C:|WINNT|Temp (Windows 2000)
    • Empty the contents of: C:|Documents and Settings|[user name]|Local Settings|Temp (Windows 2000XP)
    • Empty the contents of: C:|Users|[username]|AppData|Local|Temp (Windows Vista)
  • To Backup your user files, navigate to the corresponding directory and move the folder "Users" to a different location.
    • C:|Documents and Settings|All Users|Application Data|Nuance|NaturallySpeaking9 (Windows 2000XP)
    • C:|ProgramData|Nuance|NaturallySpeaking9|Users (Windows Vista)
  • Delete the following folders.
    • C:|Program Files|Nuance|NaturallySpeaking
    • C:|Documents and Settings|All Users|Application Data|Nuance|NaturallySpeaking9 (Windows 2000XP)
    • C:|Documents and Settings|[User Name]|Application Data|Nuance|NaturallySpeaking9 (Windows 2000XP)
    • C:|Users|[username]|AppData|Roaming|Nuance|NaturallySpeaking9 (Windows Vista)
    • C:|Windows|Speech|Dragon
  • Follow these steps, Open the Registry Editor (see warning above)
    • a. Click "Start > Run..."
    • b. Type in: “regedit” without the quotes.
    • c. Click "OK" to open the Registry Editor.
  • Delete the following subkeys (one or more of these may not exist):
    • Hkey_Current_User|Software|Dragon
    • Hkey_Current_User|Software|Dragon Systems
    • Hkey_Current_User|Software|Nuance|NaturallySpeaking9
    • Hkey_Current_User|Software|ScanSoft|NaturallySpeaking x.x (Where "x.x" is any version number).
    • Hkey_Local_Machine|Software|Dragon
    • Hkey_Local_Machine|Software|Dragon Systems
    • Hkey_Local_Machine|Software|Elan Informatique
    • Hkey_Local_Machine|Software|L&H|NaturallySpeaking
    • Hkey_Local_Machine|Software|ScanSoft|NaturallySpeaking x.x (Where "x.x" is any version number).
  • Close out of the Registry Editor.
  • Empty the Recycle Bin
  • Reboot the machine.